Finding Our Features (A Blogging 101 Extension Event)

Blogging 101 seal


This event grew out of the January 2016 Blogging 101 course. Our final assignment was to develop a recurring blog feature—recipe, photo, or quip of the day, week, or month. A group of students decided that we wanted to refine our new features and continue learning from each other—so we started this event.

The event will run bi-weekly for three months, from February-April 2016. Participants submit their posts and vote for their favorites. Each competition will focus on a different aspect of the feature, with awards for:

Week 1 (posts due February 3): cleverest concept.

Week 2 (February 17): best overall concept. (i.e, How well does the feature fit with and enhance the focus of the blog?)

Week 3 (March 2): snappiest title and prose.

Week 4 (March 16): most striking images.

Week 5 (April 6): best looking.

Week 6 (April 20): best overall (combining concept, prose, and appearance).

The Finding Our Features Blogging 101 Extension Event has been moved to a private blog. Email me at (Subject: Finding Our Features), if you’d like to participate.